We define Custom Manufacturing as “an offering of world class services related to the development, manufacturing products that provide our customers an unmatched level of confidence and competitive advantage over the entire range of their production”.

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SMF’s “ Creative and Challenge-Driven” basic is profoundly supported by our Research & Development Unit. Our New Materials Research and Developement Department researches a wide range of properties of metals . Our Advanced Technological Process Unit researches high technology for bonding different materials and precision products .


SMF started producing spindles, one of the major component of a ring frames, in Turkey in 1984, when there was no such industry yet. It has also become one of the world’s major companies in this field, offering about 320 different kinds of textile spindles and over hundreds of clients at home and abroad.


The basic philosophy of quality assurance at SMF is to beuild in the target level of quality in the production process through correct work procedures.


With the developing of performance and high speed for knitting and weaving machines, arises a necessity; the use of superior quality yarn. Every broken yarn affects the productivity of factory as well as the additinal financial costs.

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Turkish Economy continues growing in 2011

BBC news reports:

Why is Turkey’s economy continuing to grow?

11 February 2012 Last updated at 15:57

The Turkish economy continued to grow in 2011 despite European stagnation.

To some it’s known as the ‘Turkish miracle’.

With Turkey seemingly taking a bigger role in regional foreign affairs, many are looking to the country as an example of sound economic and political practice.

But with a global trade and service balance in debt to the tune of $70bn, will its economy have to slow this year if Turkey is to balance its books?

Howard Johnson reports.